Your solutions. Your way.

Unique challenges deserve solutions built by you.

Stop collecting information and start managing it.

Staying organized doesn’t mean relying on complex spreadsheets, clunky databases, or note-taking technology with no structure.

Transpose is a do-it-yourself solution that lets you build and customize how you collect your information. From lead tracking, to meeting notes, to customer forms, to managing your wine collection, Transpose offers a simple solution to organize everything in your life.

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Organize your world—in a customizable way.

A system as unique as your challenges: Transpose lets you create, organize, and search in your own way.

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Transpose is the simplest way to capture and build what matters to you. And it's flexible enough for projects
big and small.

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Easy and Flexible. Create your own custom template. Or choose from our library of over 177,000 templates created by our diverse organized community. From there you can customize your template to further meet your needs.

Limitless uses. Transpose offers you easy to use and powerful building blocks to build you very own solution, as an individual and as a team.


Keep everything in your world where it belongs. Transpose is the easiest way to
organize projects.

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So easy, it’s automatic. Transpose automatically categorizes as you work, so things are easy to find.

Everything Organized. Whether you are trying to keep track of incoming business, or just trying to organize your growing wine collection, Transpose simplifies the tracking of everything.


Everything you create is easily findable. Our intelligent system does the work
for you.

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Intelligent. Transpose works for you behind the scenes, analyzing items to make them easy to find.

Beyond text. Transpose recognizes all kinds of files—even voice recordings and images—so you can search through them like text.

Be part of a community.

Whatever your goals, you’re in good company with Transpose.

177,000 templates made by people like you. Our open community makes it easy to find the perfect start for your project.

Interact with experts in your field. See how they work, and use their tools.

Share what you love. Create your profile, and show what you’re working on.

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And so much more...

  • Secure

    The entire pathway to and from your computer is encrypted with the highest level SSL. And data is stored on highly secure AWS servers.

  • Export data easily

    Send your work to Excel, .csv, and Evernote (with more coming soon).

  • Team collaboration

    Share notes and collaborate on templates with teammates or clients.